21 October 2017

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Posted by JohnFancourt on July 12, 2014


Hi Everyone.

Are Loungers allowed to add KM ridden not on the trainer? I ride about 150-200k on the weekend with friends. Last week I did 100km of hills and then had to come home and face 50 on the trainer!

Just want to know what is acceptable.


- See more at: http://www.tourdelounge.com/adding-your-kms-and-stages#comment-165

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Whilst we obviously question why anyone would want to stray from the safety, warmth and inertia of lounge room cycling outdoor KM's are perfectly acceptable (as are gym KM's!)
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Thanks! Wish i knew that last week when I rode an additional 100K!

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Well, the TdL is essentially a competition of honour and integrity so if you clocked up 100 km's we're happy for you to add them!
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