21 October 2017

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Posted by rod.campbell on July 04, 2014


Hello All,

I'm a new entrant to the TDL this year. I read about this event on the "Fitz Files" on SMH, and since I ride my exercise bike every day anyway, I thought it would be good to benefit others while doing so as well.

I also have a mate who has a son undergoing treatment for Leukaemia, so it is cool to support them as well through this time.

I decided it would be fun to make a facebook page to show my progress throughout the event, so if you want to check it out, please do:


Have fun and enjoy the ride :)

Rod Campbell

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Welcome to the tour Rod, great to have you on board!

Many of the peloton here have been touched by Leukaemia in some way or other and have been inspired to do something about it.

Great idea with the Facebook page, it really helps to raise awareness - we’ll be checking in on your progress!

Through the enthusiasm of our members we have managed to grow this crazy idea to a size where we are really making a difference to people’s lives so we thank you for your support.


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Welcome to the TdL Rod, great work with the Facebook page, hope you enjoy the ride!
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Good luck and may you avoid the cramps!

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