21 October 2017

The Commitment of a Loungist

The commitment from our “Loungist’s” has been exceptional over the years as it becomes evident that riding every night for 23 days is quite a task. Tour Managers (partners) reluctantly provided supplies, hydration and support during many long nights of pounding the pedals. Lounge room riding can be a very lonely sport.

Team members in the past are found riding on holidays in hotel gyms, riding with children hoisted on shoulders to keep them entertained before bed time and putting in extra pre-work sessions to keep up with the pros. One rider was found by his Tour Manager riding in his suit while eating a kebab at 2am - putting in those few extra KM’s after a late night at the pub watching the State of Origin. Needless to say with commitment like this TdL story began to grow.

We are hoping 2013 is going to be bigger and better yet, so grab your exercise bike, gym pass, or your road bike and register today.

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