21 October 2017

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Posted by TourManager on May 23, 2016
Adding km's to the Tour de Lounge

Now the competition is underway here's a quick guide to adding your hard peddled Km's to the site.

Firstly ensure you are logged in to the site, then on the right-hand side menu under your profile picture click 'Add stage':

add stage

Now complete the fields on the create stage page, you will only be able to select stages you haven't yet completed.

You can add up to 5 pics per stage so if you like to break your ride into several sessions per day it's no problem, you can come back and update stage details any time.

To edit a stage click on the 'Your stages' button under your profile picture:

your stages

This page displays all the stages you have competed, so click on the stage you would like to edit.

At the top of the page you will see the edit tab so click on that and you can make changes to previous stages such as adding extra pictures or updating your Km's

edit stage

Once you have added your Km's to the site they will be clocked up on our leaderboards to take a look and see how you're doing!

Tour de Lounge leaderboard
Rouleurs Dream leaderboard
Sprinters cup leaderboard

If you have any issues using this site just shoot us an email at info@tourdelounge.com and we'll fix it up asap.



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Are Loungers allowed to add KM ridden not on the trainer? I ride about 150-200k on the weekend with friends. Last week I did 100km of hills and then had to come home and face 50 on the trainer!

Just want to know what is acceptable.


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Hey John - thanks for checking - outdoor KM's are perfectly acceptable, when you ride outdoors nobody can accuse you of RIS'ing (see TdL terminology)
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